Guided Rock Climbing at Squamish, BC


Settled up against British Columbia's Howe Sound, the tiny city of Squamish is home to fifteen thousand residents, most of who are climbers, skiers, windsufers, scuba divers or mountain bikers. The reason that this little hamlet draws so many adventurous people is clear. The town is nestled in a deep gorge, with massive granite crags, steep slopes carpeted in fir trees and snowcapped mountains on one side and a vast windy ocean inlet on the other.

Climber placing gear on lead.

Climber placing gear on lead. Andrew Yasso

Squamish is sea to sky country. Mountains and cliff-faces literally blast-up steeply out of the water, through every ecological zone until their craggy summits cut into the sky. The views are absolutely breathtaking, and the climbing throughout the region is world class.

Squamish climbing is noted for its variety. There are hundreds of single-pitch climbs that offer everything from gentle slabs to moderate face climbing, from deep cracks for every ability level to over-hung forearm busters. But Squamish is not just known for its short climbs. Indeed, the area is renowned for its multi-pitch climbing. This is a perfect place to learn multi-pitch technique. Especially since the views up high are absolutely outstanding.


Squamish Climbing at a Glance

  • Courses and guided ascents available from May through September
  • Easy access from many major metropolitan areas throughout the Northwest
  • Sign-up for a course or for private instruction/guiding
  • Absolutely beautiful camping available, along with easy access from hotels and motels in the city of Squamish
  • Courses and private instruction available at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels
  • Excellent single pitch and multi-pitch climbing available at all levels


Guided Rock Climbing at Squamish, BC

Courses and Prices

The number of participants determines rates per day in Squamish. Following is a breakdown of private rates.

Climber to Guide Ratio Prices

Day trips:

  • 1:1 $595/day
  • 2:1 $425/day
  • 3:1 $315/day
  • 4:1 $285/day
  • 5:1 $260/day

Multi-day/ Overnight programs:

  • 1:1 $650/day
  • 2:1 $465/day
  • 3:1 $350/day
  • 4:1 $300/day
  • 5:1 $275/day

Most courses start and finish in Bellingham. You meet your guide at our main office and then carpool up to the program area together. However, it is also possible to meet on site. However, if you would like to do this, there will be an additional $65 fee. This will cover the guide's mileage to and from our home base in Bellingham, Washington.


Courses and Programs Offered in Squamish

Guided Rock Climbing at Squamish, BC


Lodging and Accommodations

Located approximately four hours north of Seattle, two hours north of Bellingham, one hour north of Vancouver and one hour south of Whistler, Squamish is one the most accessible world-class climbing areas in the Pacific Northwest. As much of the climbing is directly outside of the city, you may choose to camp or to stay in a hotel. You can rough it, or do it in style; it's completely up to you!

Program Cost Inclusions and Exclusions

Learning how to climb is fun!

Learning how to climb is fun! Andrew Yasso

Tuition for this program includes the guide fees and provision of all group technical climbing equipment - personal climbing equipment such as clothing, rock shoes, personal climbing gear, sleeping bag, tent, etc. are not included, but are available for rent.

Excluded is transportation to and from the program's meeting location, as well as transportation during the program. As such, you and your course mates will be required to make transportation arrangements from the program's meeting location to the climbing areas and back for yourselves and your guide, whether by renting a car or driving your own car. Lodging costs, all meals and food, excess baggage charges, fees for changing air itineraries because of delayed return from the mountains, personal health, baggage, and trip cancellation insurance, and gratuities to guides are not included.

Guided Rock Climbing at Squamish, BC

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