Events, Films and Speakers


The American Alpine Institute offers a wide array of events throughout the year. These include actual events, films, speakers and art and photography displays.

Annual Events

Mountain Maker's Market and Equipment Sale (October)

This event takes place simultaneously with AAI's annual used gear sale. Makers, primarily those with outdoor or mountian themes, present their wares at this annual event. Check out local mountain art, jewelry, photography, clothing and other handmade goods from some of the best artisans in our region.

Bellingham Climbers Film Festival (December)

Amature filmmakers present their short climbing and mountaineering related films at this annual two-night event.

Mountain Art and Photography Market (April)

Every spring, artists and photographers drape the Mountain Center in photos, drawings, paintings and sculputres. This is your opportunity to see, and potentially purchase, some of the best work that our local outdoor community has to offer.

Films and Speakers

Films events and speakers are presented at the Mountain Center throughout the year. Keep any on the Dates and Prices tab, as well as the Featured Events tab for updates.

Featured Artists and Photographers

The American Alpine Institute features one artist or photographer every quarter. The artist's work will be for sale through the AAI retail shop.




Events, Films and Speakers

Dates and Prices

Some events are free to attend, while others have a small cost. Please note if tickets are sold ahead of time. Some events have limited space.

Events, Dates and Prices

  • 10/19/24 (10am-6pm - Free) Mountain Maker's Market & Equipment Sale
  • 10/20/24 (10am-6pm - Free) Mountain Maker's Market & Equipment Sale
  • 12/6/24 (7pm - $5) Bellingham Climbers Film Festival
  • 12/7/24 (7pm - $5) Bellingham Climbers Film Festival
  • 4/19/25 (10am-6pm - Free) Mountain Art and Photography Market
  • 4/20/25 (10am-6pm - Free) Mountain Art and Photography Market

Events, Films and Speakers

Featured Events

Following is a breakdown of current and upcoming featured artists, speakers, films and events.

Featured Artist (July-September)

Featured artist information.

Upcoming Special Events

New events to be listed soon!

Events, Films and Speakers


Submissions vary by event. AAI is always open to film, slideshow, speaker and other event sumbissions. All submissions should be sent to [email protected].

Artist/Phographer in Residence Submissions

AAI features one artist or photographer each quarter (Jan-March, April-June, July-Sept, Oct-Dec). The artist's work is sold in the AAI retail shop at a price set by the artist. AAI receives a 10% commission on all work sold.

Samples of work should be submitted via email the first week of the new quarter for consideration in the next quarter. In other words, work should be submitted the first week of January, April, July, and October. Selections for the next quarter will be made within 15 business days of the final day of submission.

Selections should be sent to [email protected].

Mountain Maker's Market Participation

The Maker's Market will take place at the same time as AAI's Annual Equipment Fall Equipment Sale every year. The building has two bays where sellers may set-up. The cost to participate is $25 per booth. No commission is charged.

To participate in the Mountain Maker's Market, contact AAI at [email protected] by October 1st to secure a position. 

Bellingham Climbers Film Festival Submissions

The Bellingham Climbers Film Festival is a two night event where amature filmmakers may present their climbing, mountaineering, rescue, and canyoneering related work.

The combined films during the Bellingham Climbers Film Festival will not exceed two-hours in running time with an intermission. Shorter submissions are more likely to be selected. Submissions over fifteen minutes long are unlikely to be selected.

Submissions will be accepted from November 1-November 15 each year. Submissions should be suitable for all audiences, similar to films shown at the Reel Rock or Banff Film Festival tours.

To learn more, please email [email protected].

Mountain Art and Photography Market Participation

This program is fully open to all that are interested. Those who wish to set-up a booth may do so for $25. Others may set-up artwork around the space, but if AAI sells the artwork, we will take a 10% commission. 

To participate in this event, please email [email protected].

Submission of Other Films, Speakers or Presentations

AAI is fully open to partnering with organizations, individuals or filmmakers to present their product to an audience. All aspects of a presentation are negotable.

In addition to a submission, those who submit must note how they will promote their event in conjunction with AAI. AAI is not in a position to be the sole promoter of any given event.

Please email [email protected] with submissions or ideas.


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