Multi-Pitch Skills Course


Do you dream of climbing technical peaks and big routes? The skills required to multi-pitch climb are an essential step toward the ascent of long complicated lines like Epinephrine in Red Rock Canyon, the East Buttress on Mt. Whitney in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, or the North Ridge of Mt. Stuart in the North Cascades. Each of these routes – and many millions more – require a similar set of skills. 

AAI’s 4-day Multi-Pitch Skills Course builds on the base that you’ve already honed in a single-pitch setting. It expands on it and provides you with the confidence and technical prowess to ascend and descend long complicated climbs both efficiently and securely.


Course highlights include:

  • Technical free climbing movement for the multi-pitch climber
  • Introduction to multi-pitch climbing techniques
  • Multi-pitch anchor building, rope and stance management
  • Efficient belaying and rappelling techniques for multi-pitch climbs


Course participants are encouraged to bring their own traditional gear. However, if they do not have any, they will be able to use AAI equipment. Helmets, harnesses, and rock shoes are required equipment and are available to rent if needed.


Rock Climbing Course Series:

Below is the progression for our rock climbing course series:

  1. Outdoor Rock Climbing Intensive Introduction
  2. Learn to Lead
  3. Multi-Pitch Skills Course

After completing the Multi-Pitch Skills Course, climbers have a number of potential options for their continuing education, including, but not limited to, the Aid and Big Wall Climbing course, Technical Self Rescue for Climbers course, and Private Guiding.

Multi-Pitch Skills Course


The Multi-Pitch Skills Course covers the skills and techniques outlined below. The primary goals of the program are for participants to develop proficiency and efficiency with the additional technical systems and challenges involved with multi-pitch climbing. Your instructor will also strive to meet the individual needs of students and provide the appropriate tools and techniques to advance their skills. 


Following is a sample curriculum:

Day One:

  • Meet your guide at the program’s rendezvous location at 8am
  • Discussion on risk management and course overview
  • Selection, use, and care of gear for multi-pitch climbing 
  • Climbing skills review: belaying, rappelling, and cleaning anchors
  • Review of climbing knots
  • Anchor building review and discussion of additional considerations in multi-pitch climbing
  • Introduction to the multi-pitch climbing progression
  • Single-pitch leading practice

Day Two:

  • Introduction to route selection, climbing topos, and route planning
  • Multi-pitch rappelling, descent options, and strategies
  • Multi-pitch transitions
  • Route finding
  • Skills practice

Day Three:

  • Practical application of multi-pitch climbing techniques

Day Four:

  • Practical application of multi-pitch climbing techniques 

Multi-Pitch Skills Course

Dates & Details


Red Rock, NV:

  • 2024/25 Dates TBD

Additional dates available on a private basis. Call for details.


Leavenworth, WA:

  • May 17 - 20, 2024
  • June 14 - 17, 2024
  • Sept. 27 - 30, 2024
  • Oct. 10 - 13, 2024
  • Additional dates available on a private basis. Call for details.


Cost and Details


Max Ratio - 4:1 (Climber:Guide) for days one and two; 2:1 (Climber:Guide) for days three and four

Capacity - 4

Minimum Enrollment - 2


A note on enrollment:

This program will be confirmed when a minimum of two participants have enrolled. If the minimum enrollment is not reached, the program will become a private program at the private rates. 


Cost Inclusions and Exclusions:

Inclusions: Group technical climbing equipment, climbing permits, and the guide fee.

Exclusions: Personal clothing and climbing gear, guide gratuities, transportation, lodging/camping fees, meals while on the course, and travel insurance.


Private Courses:

A private Multi-Pitch Skills Course may be arranged with the location, length, and dates of your choice. Though the group course is generally preferable for learning, a customized course can be superior for some climbers. The tuition for a private program will be determined by the private rate for the location.



Previously taken an AAI Learn to Lead course, Alpine Mountaineering or Technical Leadership Part II course, or have the following experience:

    • Prior climbing experience (familiarity with belaying, rappelling, and basic climbing knots).
    • Ability to build a traditional anchor without direct supervision.
    • Ability to set-up a toprope for a single pitch climb without direct supervision.
    • Ability to top-rope a 5.8 single-pitch climb in an outdoor setting.
    • Ability to lead a 5.6 single-pitch climb in an outdoor setting.
    • Ability to set-up and manage a rappel without direct supervision.


Contact our office today ([email protected] or 360-671-1505) to see if this course is a good fit for you!

Multi-Pitch Skills Course

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