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Mountaineering Porter Services

Occasionally, AAI works with individuals who require physical assistance on alpine approaches. We have developed a porter program in order to help ease access to the mountains for those with physical limitations.

A porter is a person whom a climber hires to assist with his or her approach to base camp. This person, often a member of the equipment shop staff, will take a portion of the weight from a climber's pack in order to lighten the load. If you choose to employ a porter on your climb, you should still pack the same way that you would if you were carrying the load yourself. This is important, as you will normally be responsible for carrying everything out at the end of the trip.

We offer porter services on the first day of our Mt. Baker Ascent and on the first day of our Alpinism 1 - Introduction to Mountaineering courses.  Porter services may also be available for some private guided trips.

Porter availability is limited, so please contact our office well in advance if you need these services.






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