Liz Daley Scholarship

The "Guide Like Liz" Scholarship – In Memory of Our Friend and Colleague

Liz Daley

Liz Daley on her beloved Mt. Baker, Washington, with the massive Coleman Headwall in the background.  Liz was the first woman to make a snowboard descent of the route.

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The purpose of this scholarship is to encourage climbers who identify as women or other marginalized genders and have a love of the mountains and an affinity for mountain adventure to pursue their dreams and passions and explore guiding as a career. ​​

Currently the guiding career path has a small percentage of gender diverse guides despite the fact that the climbers in these roles are among the best in the business.  We hope that providing this incentive will allow the future Liz Daleys of the world to take the first step toward a potential long and rewarding career.


This scholarship program was inspired and designed to honor the guiding career of Liz Daley, who lost her life far too early in an avalanche in Patagonia on September 29, 2014.  Liz was the consummate mountain guide: professional, thorough, patient and instructive.  Her passion for the mountains was infectious, and her enthusiasm for the life she chose revealed itself every day in her smile.  Her self-reliance and work ethic were exemplary, and her sense of humor took the edge off tense situations. She was unique in every way.

She honed her skills in splitboarding, rock, and alpine climbing in the North Cascades, Alps, Andes, and Alaska.  Her humility belied the fact that she was a pioneer in the splitboarding world. She was a sponsored athlete, but she never flaunted it.  She just shared her stoke, and we were lucky to be part of it.

The Liz Daley Scholarship

One or more scholarships that range from $500 to $2800 will be provided annually to help more women and gender diverse climbers enter the profession of alpine guiding.  The funds can be applied to any of the following courses at American Alpine Institute where Liz taught and guided. Potential recipients will be asked to submit a professional resume, outdoor/climbing/skiing resume, letter of recommendation, and personal statement expressing why they would make a great mountain guide, trip leader, or outdoor educator.

Qualifying Programs




  • Self-identify as belonging to marginalized genders, including female, genderqueer, trans, non-binary, and femmes comfortable in female-centered spaces
  • 18 years of age or older
  • Meet or exceed the listed prerequisites for the requested program(s)

An application missing a resume, letter of recommendation, or outdoor/climbing/skiing resume is considered incomplete and will not be considered for the scholarship. For more information or tips on outdoor resume creation, feel free to email us at [email protected]

The Guide Like Liz Scholarship is open for applications February 1 through October 31. We will announce winners late December.

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