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Climbers For The Climate

A carbon offset is a certificate representing the reduction of one metric ton (2,205 lbs) of carbon dioxide emissions, the principal cause of climate change. You can calculate your carbon offsets here:

Terrapass uses your investment to fund various emissions reductions projects around the United States. Terrapass’ emissions reductions projects help in the following ways:

•   Capturing greenhouse gases that would otherwise be released into the atmosphere. For example, through methane gas capture at a landfill.

•   Generating energy using renewable resources such as sun or wind power rather than fossil fuels, which release greenhouse gases into the atmosphere when burned.

•   Sequestering (capturing and storing) greenhouse gases so that they are not released into the atmosphere by growing and maintaining healthy forests – important carbon sinks.

You can read more about Terrapass’ projects and how they help here:

You can choose to buy offsets for the energy used to power your home, the vehicle you drive and public transit you use, the flights you take throughout the year, or any combination of the former. For reference, a typical customer spends about $350 to offset all of those factors for one year, but you can make an investment as small as one carbon offset for $5.95. Every amount helps reduce emissions and the creation of greenhouse gasses.

You can also choose to make your domestic trip with us carbon neutral by using the carbon footprint calculator to determine the carbon footprint from your drive or flight to the site of your trip. Once you arrive at the site, we’ll cover the carbon offsets for local transportation and the fuel used for cooking in the mountains.

We will credit 50% of whatever you spend on carbon offsets towards your program with us, up to 10% of the program value.

•   After you purchase your carbon offsets, email us a copy of your receipt.

•   We’ll credit 50% of whatever you spend on offsets (up to 10% of program value) towards your final payment.

•   If you don’t use all your credit on your first trip, don’t worry. You can use your balance on future trips.


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