Camp 3, 14,200'

Distance: 1.75 miles

Elevation Gain = 3,000 feet.

Time: approximate time from Camp 2 to Camp 3 = 8-9 hours.

Camp 3 on Denali, also called Genet basin in honor of Denali pioneer Ray Genet, sits atop a plateau at 14,200 feet below the Messner Couloir, the Direct, West Buttress, and is bordered on the far right by the West Rib. The edge of the plateau is known amongst climbers as "The Edge of the World" because from the edge of the plateau, the terrain drops six thousand feet almost straight down to the Northeast Fork of the Kahiltna. The views from the plateau are spectacular. Hunter and Foraker are set at center stage and catch the last of the evening light as the sun sets. 14 can be a very windy and inhospitable place, but when compared with the hardships of the upper mountain, it is a safe haven and congregating spot for ascending and descending climbers.

The Rangers and most guide services have a strong presence at 14 and things like toilets, weather forecasts, and medical assistance are readily available. More than one team has been stuck at 14 for a week waiting for the wind and weather to abate higher on the mountain.


Looking up at the fixed lines above 14,200 feet. The ridge above is the ridge between 16,200' and High Camp.

Mount Hunter seen from 14,000 feet on the West Buttress.

Mount Hunter.

Mount Foraker from Camp 3.

Approaching 14,200 feet with the West Rib on the right-hand skyline.

Getting settled into Camp at 14k.

Erik Johnson and Coley Gentzel cut snow blocks for camp walls in high winds at 14,200'. Photo: Matthew Anderson

Twilight on Mount Foraker from 14k.

Looking back down towards Windy Corner and out into the cloud covered Alaskan Frontier.

The summit of Denali over six thousand feet above Camp 3.

Drying gear and enjoying the warmth of the sun at camp.

Stormbound at 14k.

The Park service's Llama helicopter evacuates a climber with frostbite from 14k.

They may not be warm but at least the view is good from the toilet at camp.

AAI Guide Erik Johnson leads a rope team to the "edge of the World" on the edge of the plateau at 14k.

A rope team working their way towards the "Edge of the World."

An AAI team enjoys the view at the "Edge."

Posing for a photo op at the "Edge."

AAI guide Mattew Anderson getting serious about his photography.

A rope team moves in for a closer look at the "Edge."

Mount Foraker and Spider Clouds from the edge.

Mount Hunter and Spider Clouds from the edge.

An AAI team getting ready to leave 14 Camp for summit bid.

Looking down on Camp at 14k from the approach to the fixed lines.

A fortified campsite at 14k.

Evening lights up the West Rib above 14k.


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