Guided Hiking in Red Rock - Las Vegas, Nevada


Just 20 miles outside of the sights, sounds, and crowds of the Las Vegas Strip lies Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area. Red Rock boasts beautiful craggy peaks, red sandstone hills, and peaceful wilderness solitude. Our Guided Hiking Program in Red Rock allows hikers to explore this alluring area and learn about the local natural history, geologic features, plants, and animals.

There are hundreds of hiking trails woven throughout Red Rock, so we offer a wide variety of hiking options for all ability levels. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing, sightseeing walk, or a challenging scramble, we can ensure that there is a hike for everyone. 

Our Guided Hikes are run by one of our local Red Rock Guides, who has an abundance of knowledge on the area and can provide an amazing tour for you and your hiking partners. The marvelous desert wildlife and breathtaking views provided by Red Rock are not to be missed!

Hiking Options:

  • Accessible and peaceful hikes for families with young children
  • Meandering treks through slot canyons with vast walls of red sandstone
  • Challenging hikes to reach immense summits with sweeping views
  • Scrambles over jumbled sandstone to find hidden gems throughout the Canyon


Bighorn Sheep

Bighorn sheep can be found throughout Red Rock Canyon and happen to be the state animal of Nevada. These majestic animals prefer steep, rocky terrain to avoid predators. Picture by David Andersen

Las Vegas Hiking

The Paiute people populated Red Rock Canyon for thousands of years. They left their marks on the landscape in petroglyphs throughout the area. Many have faded, some have been vandilized, but you can still find a surprise in the desert every now and then. Jason Martin

Guided Hiking in Red Rock - Las Vegas, Nevada

Pricing and Details

Group Programs Details:

  • Group programs are offered Thursday through Sunday
  • Group program times depend on hike difficulty
  • Transportation is provided to and from the rendevous location to Red Rock Canyon


Half-day Group Pricing (per person) (min. of 3 hikers):

  • Casual Hike: $135
  • Moderate Hike: $150


Full-day Group Pricing (per person) (min of 3 hikers):

  • Casual Hike: $150
  • Moderate Hike: $175


Private Pricing:

  • Half-day (per person): 1 hiker = $350; 2 hikers = $225; 3 hikers = $170; 4+ hikers = $180
  • Full-day (per person): 1 hikers = $400; 2 hikers = $250; 3 hikers = $200; 4+ hikers = $190


Inclusions and Exclusions

Inclusions: Included in the course cost are hiking permits, entrance fee for the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, and the guide fee. On Group Programs, transportation from our meeting place is also included.

Exclusions: Not included in the course cost is all personal clothing, gratuities to guide, lodging/camping fees, snacks while on the program, or travel insurance. On Private Programs, transportation is not included.


  • Casual Hikes – 1:8 (1 guide to 8 hikers, with no more than 2 guides to 10 hikers)
  • Moderate Hikes – 1:5 (1 guide to 5 hikers, with no more than 2 guides to 10 hikers)
  • Difficult Hikes – 1:3 (3 hikers to 1 guide, with no more than 3 guides to 9 hikers)
  • Extreme Scrambles – 1:2 (2 scramblers to 1 guide, with no more than 3 guides to 6 scramblers)

Camping, Lodging and Directions

For a list of places to camp, hotels convenient to Red Rock Canyon and directions to our rendezvous meet-up location, download our Red Rock Travel and Lodging Information Document found in the Course Downloads to the right.

Guided Hiking in Red Rock - Las Vegas, Nevada

Hiking Options

Casual Hikes – 1-3 hour tours, 1-3 miles, minimal elevation gain

  • Best for younger children or families
  • Examples:
    • Fire Ecology Trail - An easy loop trail that runs through an area where the BLM performed a prescribed burn to reduce the intensity of potential wildfires that might kill the tall ponderosa pines in the wash. These efforts have been successful and little evidence of the rie remains. (1 miles, 100 ft gain)
    • Lost Creek Trail (0.6 miles, 277 ft gain)
    • SMYC Trail (2 miles, 300 ft gain)


Moderate Hikes – 3-6 hour tours, 3-6 miles, moderate elevation gain. Half-day group programs tend to do moderate hikes

  • Half-day group programs typically do moderate hikes
  • Examples:
    • South Oak Creek Trail - The trail follows an old Jeep road through the open desert towards Oak Creek Canyon. Keep your eyes out for petrified wood and unique conglomerate rock on the trail as you make your way to the mouth of Oak Creek Canyon. (5.5 miles, 623 ft gain)
    • Guardian Angel Pass (3.2 miles, 580 ft gain)
    • Calico Hills Trail (4.7 miles, 1000 ft gain)


Difficult Hikes – 4-8 hour tours, 4-8 miles, severe elevation gain

  • Must be in good physical condition
  • Examples:
    • Turtlehead Peak Trail - This trail features sweeping, panoramic views from the summit of Las Vegas and Red Rock Canyon. Although it’s not the easiest climb, Turtlehead Peak is one of the most accessible in the Canyon. (4.5 miles, 2200 ft gain)
    • Gray Cap Peak Trail (5.2 miles, 1700 ft gain)
    • Juniper Peak via Middle Oak Creek (8.7 miles, 2430 ft gain)


Extreme Scrambles – 4-8 hour tours, 4-8 miles, severe elevation gain. These programs may include a rope and a helmet and will provide participants with an attempt on a Red Rock scrambling summit. This option is only available as a private program.

  • Must be in excellent physical condition


Trail Runs – This can be occasionally accommodated on a private basis. However, guides who provide this kind of program are limited, so those who are interested should book early (in excess of two months).


Hiking in Red Rock

One of the many hiking trails in Red Rock Canyon, NV. Picture by David Andersen

Guided Hiking in Red Rock - Las Vegas, Nevada

Program Dates

Guided hiking trips in Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area typically run from September through May each year, with summer trips on Mt. Charleston.

Dates for group trips are TBD. Please call (360) 671-1505 or email [email protected] for more information.


Private Programs:

While the American Alpine Institute provides an option for those who would like to hike in a group setting, many prefer a private guided program. Private guided hikes are flexible and allow hikers to customize their hike to their objectives and needs for the day.



  • Group Half-Day Programs – 8am - 12pm, 11am - 3pm (Thursday through Sunday)
  • Private Half-Day Programs – Any start time; may be adjusted to fit your schedule
  • Full-Day Programs - 8am - 5pm

NOTE: Actual end times depend on the speed of the group and the trail. It is possible that if your group is fit, the hike may end sooner than anticipated. If there is time left, the guide will find suitable side-tours to explore additional parts of Red Rock. 


Cholla Cacti

This Cholla cacti can be seen while hiking through Red Rock. Just beware that these plants can easily attach themselves to you! Picture by David Andersen

Guided Hiking in Red Rock - Las Vegas, Nevada

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