Guided Hiking in Red Rock - Las Vegas, Nevada

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The Las Vegas Valley is a massive metropolitan area that is composed of three separate cities: Las Vegas, Henderson and North Las Vegas. Over two-million people live in the valley. And nearly forty-three million visit every year.

It’s hard to believe that amongst all these people there are beautiful vistas, lush desert wildlife, and wilderness solitude. The reality is that Las Vegas is an island in a desert sea. Mountains flank the city to the north, to the south and to the west, while more mountains, the Colorado River and Lake Meade flank the valley to the east. And indeed, there are trails for all ability levels in every direction…

But it is to the west that that you will find the most beautiful scenery. Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area – often called Red Rock or Red Rocks – looks like a painting on the horizon. The craggy peaks and sandstone hills are made up of an array of beautiful hues: red, tan, and black. Many of the mountain cliffs are draped in trees, scrub oak, desert grasses, and occasionally, snow.

There are literally hundreds of hiking trails in Red Rock Canyon. The trails vary from “very easy” to “extremely challenging.” There are short objectives and long ones. Indeed, there is a tremendous amount of diversity in the different kinds of opportunities available to hike within the Conservation Area.

Las Vegas Hiking

The Paiute people populated Red Rock Canyon for thousands of years. They left their marks on the landscape in petroglyphs throughout the area. Many have faded, some have been vandilized, but you can still find a surprise in the desert every now and then. Jason Martin

Guided Hiking in Red Rock - Las Vegas, Nevada

Pricing and Details

  • Group Programs Details:
  • Group programs are offered Thursday through Sunday.
  • Groups meet at a shopping center at the edge of town at 12pm.
  • The group returns to the center by 5pm.
  • Transportation is provided from the shopping center to the Conservation Area and back.

Half-Day Group Pricing:
$115 per person

Private Pricing:
Available on request. Please call 360-671-1505 for more details. 


Camping, Lodging and Directions

For a listing of places to camp, hotels convenient to Red Rock Canyon and directions to our rendezvous meet-up location, download our Red Rock Travel and Lodging Information found in the Course Downloads to the right.

Inclusions and Exclustions

Inclusions: Included in the course cost are hiking permits, entrance fee for the Red Rock Canyon National Conservatioin Area, and the guide fee. On Group Programs, transportation from our meeting place is also included.

Exclusions: Not included in the course cost is all personal clothing, gratuities to guide, lodging/camping fees, snacks while on the program, or travel insurance. On Private Programs, transportation is not included.


  • Casual Hikes – 1:8 (1 guide to 8 hikers, with no more than 2 guides to 10 hikers)
  • Moderate Hikes – 1:5 (1 guide to 5 hikers, with no more than 2 guides to 10 hikers)
  • Difficult Hikes – 1:3 (3 hikers to 1 guide, with no more than 3 guides to 9 hikers)
  • Extreme Scrambles – 1:2 (2 scramblers to 1 guide, with no more than 3 guides to 6 scramblers)

Guided Hiking in Red Rock - Las Vegas, Nevada

Hiking Options

  • Casual Hikes – 1-3 hour tours, 1-3 miles, minimal elevation gain.
  • Moderate Hikes – 3-6 hour tours, 3-6 miles, moderate elevation gain. Half-day group programs tend to do moderate hikes.
  • Difficult Hikes – 4-8 hour tours, 4-8 miles, severe elevation gain
  • Extreme Scrambles – 4-8 hour tours, 4-8 miles, severe elevation gain. These programs may include a rope and a helmet and will provide participants with an attempt on a Red Rock scrambling summit. This option is only available as a private program. 
  • Trail Runs – Occasionally, we get requests for guided trail runs in Red Rock Canyon. This can be accomodated on a private basis. However, guides who provide this kind of program are limited, so those who are interested should book early (in excess of a month).


  • Group Half-Day Programs – 1pm to 5pm (Thursday through Sunday)
  • Private Half-Day Programs – 1pm to 5pm (May be adjusted to fit your schedule.)
  • Full-Day Programs - Running from 8am to 5pm. (May be adjusted to fit your schedule.)

NOTE: It is possible that if your group is fit, it may move faster than anticipated. If there is time left, the guide will find suitable side-tours to explorer additional parts of the Canyon.

he peaks and formations of Red Rock Canyon just outside of Las Vegas.

The peaks and formations of Red Rock Canyon just outside of Las Vegas. Jason Martin

Private Programs:

While the American Alpine Institute provides an option for those who would like to hike in a group setting, many prefer to go on a private guided program. There are several benefits to private hiking programs.

  1. Programs are flexible. It’s possible to do a half-day or a full-day program. Additionally, it is possible for a program to start and finish at times that fit your schedule.
  2. A private program allows you to choose your speed. Do you want to go faster? No problem. Slower? We can do that.
  3. The difficulty of the program is up to you. If you’d like to do something very easy and short, that can be accommodated. Alternately, if you want to do something big and hard, where you’re moving all day, we can accommodate that too.

Guided Hiking in Red Rock - Las Vegas, Nevada

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