Guided Backcountry Skiing & Snowboarding in the Cascades


Flying down a steep chute.

Flying down a steep chute.
Lyle Haugsven

We offer climbs and descents of four of Washington's most beautiful peaks and volcanoes - Mt. Baker, Mt. Shuksan, Mt. St. Helens, and Mt. Adams - as well as backcountry tours to suit all skiing and snowboarding abilities. We can easily arrange a private trip just for you, for a group of friends, or we can work to match you up with someone of a similar ability.

Your trip can be a series of day tours, a skills course concluding with an exciting ski ascent, or a trip that combines skills development or review with a series of ascents. Pricing on these courses is based on the ratio of climbers to guide. The scheduling of private programs are based on your timeframe, so call or email us with what you would like to do and when you would like to do it, and we'll work with you to put it all together!

If you are looking for a scheduled group course, you may be interested in either our Introduction to Backcountry Skiing Course, our Advanced Backcountry Skiing Course, or our Introduction to Splitboard Snowboarding Course. We also have public group Mt. Baker Summit on Skis or Snowboard available. Please see the Related Courses tab for more of our public group courses. We hope you will join us this winter season and for many years to come!

Guided Backcountry Skiing & Snowboarding in the Cascades


Guided Ski Ascents

These classic Cascade ski and splitboard mountaineering ascents are usually done in late winter to spring (and sometimes even into early summer if conditions allow). By this time, the snowpack is nice and deep, but usually avalanche conditions are a little more stable, the weather is more stable, and the days are getting longer. 

Fresh tracks in the Mt. Baker backcountry.

Fresh tracks in the Mt. Baker backcountry. Lyle Haugsven

Mt. Baker (3+ days)
Mt. Baker is the northern crown of the Cascade Range. At 10,778 feet it rises abruptly above the island dotted Pacific waters of Washington and British Columbia. Mt. Baker offers immense variety: with twelve major glaciers, spectacular ridges, huge open bowls, the chance to ski into an active volcanic crater, and big ski descents, adventurous skiers can easily spend a full week exploring the mountain.  Ascents of Mt. Baker can be done privately or you can enroll in our public 3-day Mt. Baker Summit on Skis or Snowboard program.

Mt. Shuksan (3+ days)
Unique in many ways, Mt. Shuksan is one of the highest non-volcanic peaks in the Cascades, and it is among the most sought-after summits in North America. Mt. Shuksan is known as one of the world's most strikingly dramatic peaks, with steep, broken glaciers, hanging ice cliffs, and immense rock walls on three of its sides. But on the south side, it supports its two largest glaciers, the Crystal and the Sulphide, which provide superb skiing opportunities.

Mt. St. Helens (1 - 2 days)
On the morning of May 18th, 1980, Mount Saint Helens erupted. The entire north face of the mountain collapsed in on itself that morning, creating the largest landslide in recorded history, redefining the skyline forever. Over the last decade, Mount Saint Helens has become a major northwest ski mountaineering objective. With nearly four thousand feet of open terrain, the mountain offers an exciting run through the remnants of the mountain's past. We descend down the Monitor Ridge on this trip.

Mt. Adams (2 - 3 days)
At 12,276 feet, Mount Adams is the second tallest mountain in the state of Washington. This enormous mountain is composed of a series of overlapping cones, which came together to create both the mountain's flat-looking top as well as its massive base. The South Spur route on Mount Adams is considered to be one of the easiest and safest routes on a Cascade volcano. And with approximately seven thousand feet of vertical relief between the parking lot and the summit, the South Spur makes for an incredible ski mountaineering objective. From the top of the mountain there are a number of descent options.


Guided Ski Tours and Traverses

Day Tours - For most intermediate skiers, these tours can be completed in one day. Sign up for just one or spend multiple days in the Mt. Baker backcountry learning some new routes. The prime time for this kind of skiing is usually December through March.

A skier ascends Ruth Mountain with Nooksack Tower and the summit of Mt. Shuksan in the distance.

A skier ascends Ruth Mountain with Nooksack Tower and the summit of Mt. Shuksan in the distance. Andy Bourne

  • Shuksan Arm
  • Lake Anne Tour
  • Mt. Anne Descent
  • Mazama Bowl
  • Coleman Pinnacle (Ptarmigan Ridge)
  • Mt Herman
  • Mt Herman (Anderson Creek Tour)
  • White Salmon Glacier
  • Table Mountain and the Blueberry Chutes
  • Ruth Mountain
  • Goat Mountain
  • Church Mountain
  • Coleman Glacier


Ski Traverses - depending on conditions, these tours are usually skied March through May

  • Inspiration Traverse (4 - 5 days)
  • Ptarmigan Traverse (5 days) - A breathtaking traverse for the advanced skier, includes many descents and challenging snow climbs
  • Forbidden Tour (5 days) - An advanced alpine traverse high in the North Cascades National Park covering glaciers and rugged terrain
  • Washington Pass Birthday Tour (2 days) - This is the perfect tour for the skier just introduced to backcountry travel - the 2-day loop includes one overnight

Guided Backcountry Skiing & Snowboarding in the Cascades


Cascades, Ski - Group

A group is excited to transition from uphill travel to downhill in the Mt. Baker backcountry. Andrew Yasso

Prices are per person/per day. 

Day trips or multi-day trips with no group camping: 

    • 1:1 $600/day
    • 2:1 $435/day
    • 3:1 $325/day
    • 4:1 $295/day
    • 5:1 $270/day

    Overnight programs:
    • 1:1 $675/day
    • 2:1 $485/day
    • 3:1 $360/day
    • 4:1 $325/day
    • 5:1 $330/day


Max Ratio - 4:1

Capacity - 8

Guided Backcountry Skiing & Snowboarding in the Cascades

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