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FREE Rock Rescue Clinics

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Picture this: Your partner is leading the third pitch of GM Route at Index. She peels. Her last piece pulls and she whips 30 feet. When the dust settles, her leg is broken. The late afternoon light is fading.

What you gonna do, bad boy/bad girl? Do you have any tricks up your sleeve?

Self-rescue is an essential skill for climbers of all ability levels. Something bad can happen to anybody on any climb anywhere. And when something does happen, it is up to the victim's partner to deal with it. It is the responsibility of every climber to have a basic understanding of rock rescue so that they can assist their partner if something does go wrong.

We will be offering rock rescue clinics at the Vital Climbing Gym in downtown Bellingham and at Vertical World Climbing Gym in Everett. The clinics will focus on the baseline skills required to perform a rescue in a high angle environment. They will be open to the public, with donations to the Northwest Avalanche Center strongly encouraged.

Click here to download the Rock Rescue Clinic Handbook.

The market value of these two-hour clinics with professional guides is $80. We would like to offer these clinics on a "pay-what-you-can" basis, with a recommended donation of $25 or more per participant. All proceeds will go to the Northwest Avalanche Center benefit fund.

See the main event page for details.   You can now register online by clicking here.

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