Snowshoeing - Mt Baker


There are a number of minor summits in the Mount Baker backcountry that can be climbed by snowshoers

There are a number of minor summits in the Mount Baker backcountry that can be climbed by snowshoers.  Eric Rolfs

The Mount Baker backcountry is world renowned for the variety of terrain and the utterly stunning beauty. Snowshoeing is the perfect way for beginner-level winter wilderness travelers to access some of the most wild and scenic backcountry in the United States.

We offer snowshoe trips to the Mount Baker backcountry throughout the winter season. Our courses start at our office in Fairhaven, a scenic community in Bellingham. After outfitting each snowshoer with the appropriate gear, we will make the drive up to the end of the Mount Baker Highway. From there, we will work our way up a groomed trail to Artist Point where beautiful vistas are literally panoramic. From there we will work our way out into the ungroomed winter wonderland of the Ptarmigan Ridge. Depending on time and energy, we may explore a number of different areas including Table Mountain, the Coleman Pinnacle or even the Herman Saddle. After taking in the backcountry, we will return to the parking lot and travel back to Bellingham, arriving at about 6:00 in the evening.

Snowshoeing - Mt Baker


Snowshoeing provides many scenic vistas.

Snowshoeing provides many scenic vistas. Eric Rolfs

The snowshoe route that we take is sandwiched between two incredibly beautiful mountains. Mount Baker, a nearly 11,000 foot volcanic summit blanketed in glaciers, towers over our route to the west. And to the east, stands one of the most photogenic mountains in the world, Mount Shuksan. This is a complex peak draped in steep blue-tinted glaciers and ice-cliffs, which are highlighted by dramatic rock ridgelines. The beauty of this route and the nature of these views are absolutely breathtaking.


Snowshoeing - Mt Baker



Please contact the AAI office at 360-671-1505 (Toll Free: 1-800-424-2249) or email: [email protected] for details regarding program dates.



  • 4 or more $285 per person
  • 3:1 $315 per person
  • 2:1 $425 per person
  • 1:1 $595 per person



Good physical fitness


Program Cost Inclusions and Exclusions

Inclusions: Guide's fee, snowshoe rentals

Exclusions: Personal winter clothing. Meals and snacks while snowshoeing.Transportation is not included on private (1:1) trips.

We do have a limited inventory of rental items in our shop. For more information on what is available, please call 360-671-1570. A complete list of recommended and required equipment will be sent to you upon registration.

Snowshoeing - Mt Baker

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