Rigging for Film, Television and Photography


Mountain environments are perhaps one of the most difficult and dangerous places that a production team can possibly work in. There is constant risk associated with this type of work. The risk is often exacerbated by the fact that many of those involved in a given production have little to no experience in mountainous environments. The best way to ensure success in mountain film or television production is by working with high-end experienced outdoor professionals that can not only help with rigging and filming, but can also create a plan to minimize the risk to your team.

American Alpine Institute helps production company with mountain safety while filming in Red Rock, NV.

Talent climbs a wall in Red Rock Canyon near Las Vegas, NV for a shot. Doug Foust

The American Alpine Institute is able to supply mountain rigging for television and film at any rock climbing, ice climbing, skiing or mountaineering location. Rigging includes, but is not limited to, mountain safety management, steep-angle rigging, location scouting, and mountain stunt work.

Our professional mountain guides work closely with the personnel involved with each production. In addition to risk assessment and risk management services, the guides will consult with the directors, stunt coordinators and camera people to help the production team "get" the best possible angles and shots.

Who We Are

The American Alpine Institute is an internationally recognized guide service and climbing school. We currently operate educational climbing programs and guided ascents in six states and in sixteen countries. The AAI Staff is composed of some of the world's most accomplished climbers, skiers, and mountain educators. Together they have climbing, research, and expeditionary experience in every major range of the world. In addition to extensive and diverse personal climbing experience, they have received professional training in advanced guiding techniques and rescue. Collectively they have one of the highest levels of wilderness first aid training among the world's international guide services. All have been certified as Wilderness First Responders, Emergency Medical Technicians, or the equivalent.

Rigging for Film, Television and Photography

Services and Previous Work

Let our expert guides meet your needs in the mountains through risk management, location scouting services, skills training, stunt work and more. 

Specific Mountain Rigging Skills and Services

  • Remote location access for difficult locations and bad weather
  • Mountain location scouting including first hand experience, photos and reference materials
  • Assistance with commercial use authorization and obtaining film permits
  • Script review for realism and feasibility
  • Mountain safety management and logistical consulting
  • Steep-angle safety management for talent and crew
  • Climbing skills "Boot Camp" for talent to provide training for accurate shots and continuity
  • Winter conditions mountain safety management
  • Avalanche safety management in mountain environments
  • High-angle mountain rigging on rock, snow or ice
  • Climbing and rappelling stunt and double work in all mountain mediums


Previous Television and Film Clients


Navy Land Rescue Commercial

The following commercial is a representative example of how the American Alpine Institute can assist producers and filmmakers with mountain rigging.

American Alpine Institute guides assisted the Bandito Brothers production company with location scouting and safety management in the Navy "Land Rescue" commercial. Specifically the guides helped the producers find a suitable cliff for their commercial and then assisted them during the shoot by managing the safety of cliff-top cameramen and performers.


To learn more about the American Alpine Institute and our expertise in mountain rigging for television, photography and film, please contact us at [email protected] or at 360-671-1505.

Rigging for Film, Television and Photography


The American Alpine Institute can work with film, television and photography crews to support their work in mountainous areas anywhere that the crew can obtain film or photography permits. Our guides have vast knowledge of worldwide climbing and mountaineering destinations. Our guides can help with location scouting, script review, mountain rigging, risk assessment and personnel training anywhere. 

In addition, we have deep expertise in a number of locations across the world. In these locations, we can provide added benefits such as assistance with film permits and specific location recommendations for the kind of shot the film crew is looking for. 

Popular Locations

  • Las Vegas, NV
  • Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, NV
  • Cascade Range, WA
  • Joshua Tree, CA
  • Sierra Nevada, CA
  • Moab, UT
  • Alaska Range, AK
  • Ouray, CO
  • Bolivia
  • Peru
  • Argentina
  • Ecuador
  • The European Alps


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