Mount Waddington Expedition


Mount Waddington is a very serious objective. This expedition will draw deeply on all of your skills. Climbers must be able to move effectively on glaciers, rock climb, ice climb and ascend mixed terrain to be successful on this mountain. A successful ascent of Mount Waddington is the equivalent of a PhD in Alpinism. It is a remote and highly sought after objective.

During this expedition, your instructors will continue to help you to refine expeditionary skills and techniques. With guidance, you will plan every part of this expedition and will be a co-leader in the decisions that will be made. It is our goal that you emerge from this program as a qualified rope team leader on both rock and glacier routes. It is also our goal that upon completion, you have the skills and the understanding to put together an expedition to one of the greater ranges of the world.

Mount Waddington Expedition



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  • Alpine ice climbing experience
  • Successfully summitted a glaciated peak in the last 12 months
  • Mid 5th-class rock climbing in boots
  • Ability to move through 3rd and 4th class terrain with a large pack
  • Multi-day snow camping experience
  • Ability to cook for yourself on a backpacking stove
  • Excellent physical condition


Mount Waddington Expedition

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