Corporate Team Building - Rock Climbing


Our guides offer expert instruction no matter what your skill level.

Our guides offer expert instruction no matter what your skill level. Richard Riquelme

Rock climbing is an ideal resource for any organization that is interested in building trust and cooperation amongst its members. The sport presents teamwork as a natural solution to overcoming intense mental and physical challenges, challenges not dissimilar to those we face on a daily basis at work, in school, and in our private lives.

We offer one to three-day rock climbing programs for corporate groups, military groups, church groups, schools, and other organizations in search of a fun and constructive team-building activities. The curriculum can be customized for adults, teenagers, or younger children. Our program stimulates camaraderie, builds trust, enhances problem-solving skills, and increases self-esteem. Programs are designed to meet each group's individual needs. Longer programs can be arranged.

Red Rock Canyons proximity to Las Vegas and status as one of the desert southwest's most attractive natural sites make it the ideal venue for our group programs. The short distance from Red Rock to Las Vegas, itself an inexpensive and popular destination to fly to, makes our group trips affordable and easy to arrange.

We can cater to groups of four to forty people.

Corporate Team Building - Rock Climbing


Team-Building Program - 1 to 3 Days

Beginner climbers working together to provide a safe belay.

Beginner climbers working together to provide a safe belay. Jason Martin

This course is designed for beginners with little to no climbing experience and prioritizes group interaction in the acquisition of basic rock climbing skills.

Cost is dependent on size of group, number of days, and options requested (including rentals and catering). Call for a quote for your next corporate outing. Discounts given for large groups.


Cost Inclusions 

Included in the daily costs for all of our group trips are round-trip transportation, guide fees, permit fees, and the use of group climbing gear. Gear rentals and catering options are additional expenses.


Catering Option

For an additional fee, we will be able to provide course participants with water, snacks, and/or a light lunch.

Catering costs are determined as follows: $65 for staff time + $0.39 per mile + the cost of food and drink.


Red Rock Canyon

For more information on Red Rock Canyon, please visit our Red Rock web page.


Corporate Team Building - Rock Climbing

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