Beginning Rock Climbing - Mt Erie, WA

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Climbers enjoy the rock climbing and the views at Mount Erie.

Climbers enjoy the rock climbing and the views at Mount Erie.
Jason Martin

The Beginning Rock Climbing course is designed for individuals who have little to no experience in outdoor rock climbing. The objective the Level 1 and Level 2 course is to give participants the skills they need to feel comfortable climbing with experienced friends or to pass a rock gym belayer's test.

In this course, participants will learn how to belay, rappel, and rock climb in a beginner environment on easy to moderate terrain. Instruction begins with an introduction to the design, use, and care of climbing equipment and continues with thorough consideration of the procedures required for top-rope belayed climbing. Then working from fundamentals on balance and posture, the instruction addresses the application of natural hand and foot positions on moderate ground. As we gradually move on to more challenging terrain, we introduce additional hand, foot, and body positions to begin developing a complete repertoire of roped free climbing techniques for each climber.

This program is run at Mount Erie, which is a great place for first time rock climbers. Located on the top of a large bluff overlooking the San Juan Islands and Pacific Ocean, the views are stunning while the exposure factors are not too high. There is an abundance of short, friendly beginner routes and plenty of options for those who advance quickly.

Beginning Rock Climbing - Mt Erie, WA


Level 1:

  • Introduction to equipment: design, care, use, and selection
  • Knots and tie-ins
  • Hand and foot positions for easy to moderate climbing routes


Level 2:

  • Introduction to anchors and belays
  • Development of full repertoire of free climbing technique for moderate ground
  • rappelling


Climbing at Mount Erie is a great way to spend a weekend with friends.

Climbing at Mount Erie is a great way to spend a weekend with friends.
Jason Martin

Beginning Rock Climbing - Mt Erie, WA


Summer 2022

Level 1: Saturdays Level 2: Sundays
  •  May 27, 2023 - Leavenworth
  • June 24, 2023 - Erie
  • July 22, 2023 - Squamish
  • Aug 12, 2023 - Erie
  • Sep 02, 2023 - Leavenworth
  • May 28, 2023 - Leavenworth
  • June 25, 2023 - Erie
  • July 23, 2023 - Squamish
  • Aug 13, 2023 - Erie
  • Sep 03, 2023 - Leavenworth


* This course is available in other locations, but it must either be ran in conjunction with our 4-day Outdoor Rock Intensive Introduction or it must be at the private rate.


Beginning Rock Climbing - Mt Erie, WA

Cost and Details

$195 per day (min of 3 participants)

Max Ratio - 6:1 (Climber:Guide)

Capacity - 12






Many individuals do not have the prerequisite helmet, rock shoes and harness that are required for this course. We will provide any or all of these required items for $15. Please inform the office as to equipment needs and sizes prior to arrival at Mount Erie.

Beginning Rock Climbing - Mt Erie, WA

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