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Climbing, Mountaineering, and Skiing Programs in Washington State

An Alpine Training Ground Unmatched in the United States

The North Cascades of western Washington, with their spectacular glaciers, prominent summits, and moderate elevation, make the best mountain training ground in the contiguous U.S. Our headquarters in Bellingham, WA, serve as home base for a vast outdoor campus that includes rock climbing destinations like Leavenworth and Index, world-class skiing and boarding in the Mount Baker backcountry, and classic alpine climbing routes from Mount Baker to the Pickett Range to Washington Pass.

Browse the list below to view our courses, private climbs, and special programs in Washington state.


Climbing, Mountaineering, and Skiing Programs in Washington State

An Alpine Training Ground Unmatched in the United States

Alpine Climbing and Mountaineering

  • Mt. Saint Helens Skills and Climb
    Mount Saint Helens in 1980 a few months after its catastrophic eruption. Photo courtesy of the USGS.

    Mt. Saint Helens Skills and Climb

    The Southern Cascades Volcanoes offer excellent beginner level ascents while providing stunning views of the surrounding country. Mt. Adams and Mt. St. Helens are ideal peaks for those who would like a solid introduction to snow climbing and general mountaineering skills.

    • Location:Southwestern Washington State
    • Season:May - September
    • Length:3 Days
    • Cost:Please contact AAI for pricing and availability

Rock Climbing

Ice Climbing

Skiing and Snowboarding

Avalanche Training

  • Avalanche Rescue Course - AIARE
    A rescuer gets low to the snow to get the best readings during the Fine Search phase of a rescue. Dyan Padagas

    Avalanche Rescue Course - AIARE

    New for the 2017/2018 season, this 1-day course is intended to be retaken on a regular basis in order to keep abreast of best practices in rescue techniques and gear. New participants will learn the basics of companion rescue, while return participants will expand their skill set with advanced topics and realistic scenario practice to help improve their skills after the course.

    • Location:Mount Baker backcountry, Washington
    • Season:December - March
    • Length:1 day
    • Cost:$150

Rescue and Medical

  • Wilderness First Responder
    A series of WFR students putting together an improvised litter.

    Wilderness First Responder

    The Wilderness First Responder first aid program was designed for serious outdoor practitioners. The course provides students with the skills required to manage minor backcountry ailments while simultaneously providing them with baseline techniques that they will need in order to respond to more serious incidents. This course is often required for outdoor professionals.

    • Location:Various Locations - US and Canada
    • Season:Year-Round
    • Length:9 Days for Standard WFR, 5 Days for Hybrid Distance Learning Program
    • Cost:$725
  • Advanced Mountain Rescue
    A patient is loaded into a litter for evacuation. Jason Martin

    Advanced Mountain Rescue

    The Advanced Mountain Rescue course integrates both rope rescue and self-rescue techniques in a high mountain glaciated environment. Students will apply a series of lowland rescue techniques with mountain modifications in order to develop the skills required for mountain rescue. Additionally, participants will spend a significant amount of time developing strategies to solve complex crevasse rescue problems.

    • Location:Mt. Baker, WA
    • Season:April - October
    • Length:5 days
    • Cost:$995

Guide Training

  • Leave No Trace Trainer
    Trail-signs often attempt to keep backcountry users on the established trail. Jason Martin

    Leave No Trace Trainer

    The Leave No Trace Trainer course provides students an opportunity to develop a high level of understanding of the seven principals of Leave No Trace. Those who successfully complete the course will have the skills to provide LNT educational programing to their own student participants. This is an essential course for outdoor educators, guides and rangers.

    • Location:WA, CA, and NV
    • Season:Year-round
    • Length:2 days
    • Cost:$350 - Group Discounts Available


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